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Rainbow Consulting Group

Psychology, Therapy & Coaching

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A Diversity of Providers for a Diversity of People

Who We Are & What We Do

We are a welcoming, inclusive group of New Zealand based, online providers from a range of backgrounds and orientations.

We are friendly,, non-judgemental, open minded, and have experience supporting people from around the world to overcome a wide range of issues including; mental health, addictions, work related and relationship problems, as well as working alongside people to build on their strengths, set & achieve their goals using various methods including CBT, EMDR, Integrative Therapy, DBT & more.

Many of us have particular interest in supporting the LGBTQ+ community and people living in non-traditional relationship structures such polyamory, open relationships and other forms of ethical non-monogamy.

Through our team members, we have an extensive set of skills and knowledge, as well as strong links and contracts with known New Zealand Health Organisations & Providers.

No matter where you are located, Rainbow consulting provides online therapy and coaching to individuals and people in relationships, as well as providing professional consultation and supervision for people in our areas of expertise and interest.

Please have a look at our Resource Pages for information about some of the issues we can support you with.

Feel free to contact us so we can match you with our most suitable practitioner for your needs.

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