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Dr. Shelley Harvill

Clinical Psychologist

Originating from the United States’ Mississippi delta, Dr. Shelley Harvill is highly experienced at group facilitation within natural environments and amongst diverse cultures as her early career was in outdoor education. After helping to build and direct a community integration programme for people living with serious mental illness, in 2010 Shelley obtained a Doctorate of Psychology and completed post grad work in Nova Scotia Canada.

Dr. Harvill is now a NZ registered clinical psychologist and has served in the role of Clinical Manager at Te Whare Mahana’s National DBT Service since 2016. Being an integration of western and eastern psychological philosophies and backed by strong research, DBT became one of Shelley’s preferred therapeutic models to effectively treat people with complex needs. She has also developed expertise with integrating prolonged exposure therapy and DBT to help clients with PTSD recover meaningful lives.

Other strong interests include life enhancing approaches such as found in positive psychology and through exploring sexuality, identity, orientation and alternative relationship frameworks (e.g. ethical non-monogamy). Shelley’s private practice includes a focus on these rainbow related issues.

For more information, please send me an email (Please note emails are sent to the Practice Manager and forwarded to me)

Dr. Shelley Harvill
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